We understand that the same customers can act differently on different customer journeys. Depending on what they are doing, their journeys and expectations can vary greatly. Whether they are out for a meal, travelling through an airport, having their car serviced, topping up their weekly shop or visiting their doctor, dentist or pharmacist for something health related, certain parts of their customer journey can take on different significances. In addition to our full service market research solutions to help you understand your customers, markets and employees we also offer ongoing customer feedback systems to help you in your industry.

If you’re a Restaurant a Franchise operator a Retail operator a Convenience or grocery store operator a Pharmacy a Health care provider a Service provider a mechanic a Dentist an Optician a Solicitor an Insurance provider a tour operator a hotel operator a B&B owner a Credit Union a Bank an Insurance Company we can help you understand your customers and improve the customer experience CX you provide.

SurveyCX Features

Ongoing feedback with CX questionnaire designed specifically for your business.

Mobile friendly for convenient feedback.

Get closer to your customers.

Build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Improve Customer Experience (CX).

Understand your customer segments and how best to deliver to them.

Find out how you are doing.

Measure what’s important.

Alert facility – we can alert the most appropriate person in your organisation if a customer needs attention, some follow-up contact or needs a problem to remedied.

Optional capture of customer contact details to facilitate further marketing initiatives.

How It Works

You’ll get simple easy to understand dashboard reporting with Daily/Weekly/Monthly On-line reports. You’ll be able to examine what’s happening in your business, or if you are part of chain, you’ll be able to compare across the network by region and country.

Affordable solutions available.

Highly scalable - start with 1 store and scale up to 1,000s.

Have key measurements e.g. NPS.

Compare across network, brands, regions, countries.

Continual - track over time to monitor progress (dashboards).

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Focus on what are the key issues for your customers when dealing with your restaurant. We look at various aspects such as quality of food and service, speed of service, cleanliness, friendliness of employees, comfort and atmosphere. Each client has their own requirements and we’ll work with you to develop what is important for your business.

Travel + Leisure

In this highly competitive 24/7 market, convenience and being able to quickly cater for your customers is crucial. Ensuring that customer feedback can be easily facilitated without compromising service in busy travel environments is the key to understanding their needs and importantly, being able to address issues as they are spotted.


The retail industry has evolved so much over the last few years. Shoppers can research online, visit your store to try something on. Quite often the purchase can be made online and perhaps returned to your store. They share their experiences with their friends. We look at some of the areas that count: helpfulness of staff, responsiveness, meeting and greeting, knowledge of products, stock levels, look and feel of store and products. Not everyone buys when they visit so we can explore this further.

Convenience Store + Grocery

Of course we understand that convenience is the main factor when deciding to use your store. We help you understand the other factors as to why they choose you over your nearest competitor. Is it the level of service, the cleanliness of the store, friendliness of the staff that are important? Or is it the range of products, pricing, presence of a hot food counter, or parking facilities that affect your customers most? Is there something that you or one of your fellow store managers is doing better that might be beneficial to how you operate?


With the pressure on our healthcare system, consumers are looking for a more comprehensive and complete set of healthcare services provided by pharmacists. Good relationships with pharmacists provides a strong foundation for trust and discretion between pharmacists and customers. We focus on monitoring levels of customer service, customer experiences, maintaining the strength of the patient-pharmacist relationship and being able to offer excellent healthcare advice are elements we focus on.


Whether your business involves replacing tyres, painting, plumbing, cleaning, proving tax advice or landscaping , you want customers to come back. Having a customer outlet brings its own challenges but the successful provision of services can rely heavily on the attitude and technical abilities of you and your staff. Customers want to be assured that they are getting the best for what they are paying, Achieving high levels of trust, doing a good job and leaving the customer with a more than satisfied view of you are important. Many service providers don’t stop to check with the customers once the job is done and just move on to the next customer. Quite often they’re too focussed on operational matters that little or no time is spent seeing things from the customer’s perspective. Losing this opportunity for feedback means that you might be missing something that is important to your business.

Healthcare and Patient Experience (PX)

Whether you’re at the frontline, work in healthcare administration, you have small practice, run a hospital or you’re involved in the provision of health insurance – WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT?
The customer journeys take various forms and can involve many touchpoints. Everything from appointment setting, attending a professional, or visiting a hospital - all bring their own level of interactions for a patient.
Each interaction can have an important bearing on their health and well-being. In fact, it is the sum of all interactions that contribute to the overall care standard. Increasingly regulatory requirements demand that measurements of patient satisfaction take place.
We create on-going measurement programmes that allow you to better understand patient experiences. Have you delivered high quality level of care and service? If patient expectations and how you performed are not measured, how will you know how well you are doing? For health givers, we look at measuring levels of courtesy and respect. We examine whether patients were listened to, felt understood and that their needs were catered for. We look at how they thought things were explained to them. We measure things from the patient perspective.

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