With competition in the marketplace, companies are realising that having great customer service and experiences is where the battle to succeed will be won. Some organisations have marketing departments who are responsible for measuring customer satisfaction and tracking NPS scores, while others have taken a more integrated approach and at all levels of the organisation -  they have the customer at the centre of their culture and everything they do.

Others are just starting – Where are you?

SurveyCX Solutions

Customer Journey Mapping

See things from the customers view, uncover previously hidden items, spot behaviours, alternative paths, look at things from front line employees’ view to get a better perspective, identify gaps and spot trends.

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Measure what’s happening and measuring the important things.

We’ll show you exactly what’s happening with customer experiences and what’s important.

Formulate Customer Focussed Strategy

We’ll help shape your customer experience initiatives.

Getting everyone involved, testing initiatives with customers

We’ll involve real customers to help enhance your CX.

Examine competitor approaches

We can also look at how competitors are handling their customer experience and even talk to their customers.

Continual learning about customer needs and wants

We can put in place on-going feedback systems and approaches so you can continue to see what’s happening.

Speak directly to hundreds of your customers and/or potential customers using our online panel.

Let us help you to identify what’s important to your customers and let us measure how you are doing.

See things from the customer perspective and find out what your customers really think.

Measure your customers’ satisfaction with you. It’s still a great place to start but it’s only a starting point!

Let’s find out how you’re doing overall. Are your customers endorsing you? Perhaps don’t really care or worse, are they likely to not recommend you?

Explore how customers (and potential customers) think and feel about you. Identify challenges and issues for new products and services or discover areas of your business that resonate with your customers.

Let us put in place an ongoing customer feedback program. Always know how you are doing, spot issues before they get out of hand and have the best problem handling in the business.

Good employees are key to successful Customer Experience (CX), understand things from their perspective, let us put in place a confidential and independent feedback program to get them engaged.

We’ll review what data you have available, how it can be used and see what useful insights are available.

With predictive analytics, we can start to manage likely scenarios, see future customer behaviours and their likely reactions to you and how these reactions can be anticipated and handled.

We can identify rules which show which customers are in need of attention.

Let us help you put the Voice of the Customer into your business.

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